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Honoring Our Veterans:

Our military works to keep us safe and to ensure our freedoms are protected every day. Many make the ultimate sacrifice in protecting our nation and our interests worldwide. Our military deserves to be treated with the utmost respect and provided quality services to ensure their health, financial wellbeing, and quality of life. However, all too many veterans do not receive the assistance needed to make a successful transition from military service to civilian life. 

As a U.S. Representative, I would work to increase the quality of services provided to our veterans. In addition, I would be an advocate for additional career transition programs for veterans making the shift from military service to civilian life.

Maintaining Our Allies:

We are at our strongest when we work with our allies. Our relationships with our international partners are critical to ensuring our homeland protection and victory over terrorism. As a nation, we must reaffirm our commitment to NATO and our other international allies. We must let them know that we will support them in their times of need and that we expect the same of them. 

As a U.S. Representative, I would advocate for continued participation in our existing alliances and building stronger alliances with current and new international partners. 

Utilizing Our Military Strategically:

We should only utilize our military might when the United States is attacked by a clearly identified enemy or in a situation where an aggressor violates the sovereignty of an ally. The Gulf War of the 1990s under President George Bush Sr. was a model example of a successful military operation. In this situation, there was a clear, limited mission. We worked in collaboration with the international community, and we ensured the integrity of international law and an ally’s national sovereignty. 

As a U.S. Representative, I would utilize these criteria when evaluating whether to vote for or against going to war.

Combatting Terrorism:

In order to successfully combat and minimize terrorism, we must use a combination of strategic force and soft power. In addition, we must better understand our enemy, their true motives, and their strategies. By their very name, terrorists utilize terror tactics in order to incite fear and hate. Their goal is to cause conflict, divide, and then conquer. We must not play into the hands of their desired outcome. 

As a U.S. Representative, I would advocate for targeted use of force against terrorist leadership and strongholds, financial sanctions, strategies to diminish their ability to promote propaganda, and soft power strategies to minimize their ability to recruit the disenfranchised.

Utilizing Commercial Diplomacy:

A long-standing theory of international relations is that countries with McDonald’s do not fight each other. That is an over-simplification, but it shows that commercial ties are a powerfully unifying force and can often be more effective than political diplomacy. Therefore, one of the primary methods of fostering and maintaining quality relationships with our current and new allies is through trade. When countries are more economically tied to each other, there is more incentive to work together during times of conflict. Increased reciprocal trade is good for American manufacturers, good for American workers, and good for American security. 

As a U.S. Representative, I would support legislation and trade deals that promote U.S. exports and add to our national security.

Protecting Our Borders:

The U.S. is a country composed of immigrants from around the world.  Diversity makes us stronger, and we often attract many of the world’s brightest, most talented individuals. However, we also need to know who is entering and staying within our borders. Most illegal immigrants come to the country on temporary visas and stay well after their visas have expired. Most illegal immigrants do not cross the southern border, and in recent years, we have seen a reverse migration of people returning to Mexico. A costly, ineffective wall along the entire southern border is not a solution to the illegal immigration problem. 

As a U.S. Representative, I would vote against any legislation promoting costly and ineffective solutions. 

Our immigration system needs to be overhauled for the betterment of all in our society. We should properly vet those who enter our country and create better systems for ensuring that those who enter our nation under a temporary visa do not overstay their welcome. Included in any new immigration system should be a path to legal residency and citizenship for those now illegally in the country and who are otherwise law-abiding and contributing to our society. 

As a U.S. Representative, I would be an advocate for creating an immigration system that protects the interests of Americans and those desiring to be law-abiding and contributing members of our society.

I am strongly against any registry or ban on any specific nationality or religious group from participating in the American Dream. Banning a specific nationality or religious group is unconstitutional and against the very ideals under which this country was founded. A ban or registry would not protect us from terrorist attacks and would play into the alienating strategies of our terrorist enemies. 

As a U.S. Representative, I would vote against any legislation promoting a registry of or ban on any national, ethnic, or religious group.


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