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Building a Strong Educational Foundation for Our Children:

Education is the foundation of a healthy democracy and economy. I am a strong advocate for maintaining and investing in public schools in Kansas and across the country. Public schools have been a valuable institution in our country dating back to the very early days of our nation with the purpose of ensuring access to an education and tools to pursue the American Dream. We need to protect our tradition of public education.

Unfortunately, public education funding in Kansas has been diminished time and again over the last several years. This puts Kansas at a significant disadvantage in today’s knowledge-based economy. 

As your U.S. Representative to Congress, I would work at the local, state, and national levels to protect and improve the quality of public education in our state. I would vote against any legislation that would dismantle or harm our public school systems. Rather I would be an advocate for investing more funds into public education.

Reducing the Costs of Higher Education:

The costs of higher education have increased significantly over the years, making it progressively more difficult for young adults to afford college or attend without amassing high levels of debt. This debt load has made it extremely difficult for young adults to buy homes, start businesses, and begin their lives on solid financial footing. Steps must be taken to lighten the financial burden we are putting on our young adults, their families, and our economy as a whole. 

As your U.S. Representative, I would protect current government programs and advocate for new government financial aid relief programs, including debt forgiveness, stronger financial aid packages, and reasonable payment plans. In addition, I would advocate for an inquiry into why costs of higher education have exponentially increased over the last few decades and ways those costs can be lowered.

Advocating for Vocational Training:

College is not for everyone, and there needs to be renewed respect for traditional vocational trades, such as mechanics, plumbers, craftsman, etc. These jobs are not transferable to other countries and are greatly needed in our society. In addition, we should be training our workers for the jobs of tomorrow. For example, learning to code does not require a college degree. However, the skill will likely be invaluable for decades to come for many entering the workforce or looking for a new career path. 

As your U.S. Representative, I would advocate for vocational training programs as an alternative path to obtaining a college degree for gainful employment.


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