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Our democracy is built on a combination of Constitutional rights and freedoms, laws, balance of power, and traditions. In order to maintain a healthy and effective democracy, we must be ever vigilant of protecting all four of these components, for if one weakens, the others weaken as well. 

I deeply believe in the American democratic system, and as a U.S. Representative, I would work diligently to defend the building blocks of our democracy.

Protecting of Freedoms of Religion, Speech, Assembly, & Press:

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects our religious freedoms. Our country was founded by those escaping from religious persecution. Therefore, our Founding Fathers made the separation of church and state a fundamental component of our democratic system. All faiths are welcome in the United States to practice their religion or creed as desired. No one should be discriminated against because of their chosen belief system. 

As a U.S. Representative, I will work to ensure continued religious freedom and protection for all Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and other religious beliefs and creeds.

The First Amendment also protects our individual right to free speech and group right to assemble to peaceably protest. These rights are fundamental to an effective democracy and to ensure that our voices as citizens are heard. In addition, the First Amendment protects free press in order to inform the public and hold public leaders accountable. 

As a U.S. Representative, I will defend our rights to free speech, a free press, and right to assemble peacefully.

Upholding Government Official Ethics & Free & Fair Elections:

We are citizens of our nation, not subjects, which means the government exists to serve us. Those we select to be in power have a responsibility to society as a whole. Whether political appointees, elected officials, or civil servants, our government officials should be held to the highest ethical standards. Our government works for the people, not for their own enrichment. Therefore, we must uphold both legal and traditional ethical standards in order to combat corruption. 

As a U.S. Representative, I will advocate strongly for ethics laws to uphold the integrity of the government.

Voting is a right for all citizens. Any impediments to a citizen’s ability to exercise this right are unconstitutional. In this last election cycle, we witnessed multiple attempts to impede certain groups of people from being able to vote. Our national intelligence agencies have also reported that a foreign government attempted to illegal hack and promote propaganda to influence the results of the 2016 election. These types of actions are national security issues and cannot be allowed.  

As a U.S. Representative, I will vote against any law that would diminish a U.S. citizen’s ability to vote. In addition, I would vote for any measure needed to confirm and protect the integrity of our elections from foreign influence.



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