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A fifth generation Kansan, Laura Lombard is the founding President and Executive Director of Middle East & North Africa Consultants Association (MENA Consultants) and, as of April, the Chief Executive Officer of ImEpik, LLC in Wichita. MENA Consultants is a professional trade association of experts doing business in the Middle East region, and ImEpik offers 21st century online workforce training solutions. Prior to her current professional roles, Lombard worked for former U.S. Secretary of Defense William Cohen, a moderate Republican who served in President Bill Clinton’s Cabinet, at The Cohen Group. Laura is a graduate of Wichita's Independent School, the University of Kansas, and the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.  

Starting over a hundred years ago, Laura's family was integral to the business and infrastructure development in Kansas’ early economy. She has followed in that tradition and will bring her know-how to developing smart growth solutions in her home state. Laura is for policy solutions, not political drama. She envisions a bright future for Kansas and our country, and she will utilize her experience, an openness to working across the aisle, and her family’s entrepreneurial spirit to deal with the issues that face the state and the nation as Kansas' 4th District U.S. Representative.  

Laura's platform will focus significantly on economic development, education, healthcare, and equal rights for Kansas and the nation.  Her first goal is to help bring jobs and talent back to the state by encouraging high-paying advanced manufacturing employers to invest in the local economy.


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